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How can leading a society kickstart your career?

Joining a society is a great way to make friends, network, and improve your skills - but what about leading one?

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Whether it's trying to formulate a quidditch team with the Harry Potter Society, making some shapes with the Cheerleading, or campaigning with one of our political societies - being a member of a society can definitely enrich your time at University. But what about when you've left ARU?

The truth is, in an increasingly competitive job market, it's getting harder and harder to impress future employers - so what can you do to catch their eye? Simple! If you volunteer to help lead a society through being a committee member, you are sure to broaden your employability prospects. How? Well leading a club or society shows that you:


1. Have leadership skills

Being a committee member means that you are more than capable of leading others and organising events for your society. It doesn't matter whether your society has 15 members or 45 - as far as an employer is aware, you're already demonstrating skills perfect for a variety of jobs, from managerial roles to teaching!


2. Build positive relationships

It's one thing to want to be a committee leader, it's another to be elected. If you are elected to a committee role it shows that you're both likeable, and that people have faith in your ability to lead a group, which can be especially useful if you want a job where networking or social skills are important. A society is one big team, so teamworking skills is definitely something you can apply to your CV.


3. Are able to use Numeracy, Literacy and IT in a practical manner

If you choose to be responsible for the budgeting of your chosen society then you have effectively managed a small bufget and if you apply for a grant through the Students' Union then you're also capable of fundraising and writing budget proposals! Similarly, promoting events for your society through digital platforms like Facebook can be a useful way of adding promotion or marketing experience to your CV and organising meetings is a sure fire way of creating transferable skills for events management.


4. Have volunteered your time and made an impact!

During your time as a committee member, you have the chance to really improve the running and promotion of your society as well as manke the overall student experience far greater! Just by being a committee member you are able to log your time as volunteering hours and create a volunteering record through the Students' Union Volunteering Service. This is a permanent, official record of the time you've given to your society and the Students' Union can provide you with a physical or digital copy of this to take to employers. But that's not all - many societies choose to use their status to highlight improtant current issues or raise awareness of specific charities or causes! Whenever you run an event you can ask for a voluntary donation and turn it into a fundraising event!


5. Value equality and diversity

Your society will have to adhere to the Students' Unions' Equality and Diversity policy and if you lead , you can consider ways to get a wider range of students involved. You'll be interacting with people from different walks of life and this is particularly useful in the jobs market.


So if you're a member of a society, why not consider becoming a member of the committee and it you haven't joined a society - why not? Get involved today!


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