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Why I'm looking forward to Global Week 2017

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Why am I looking forward to Global Week 2017?

Global week is one event at ARU I certainly look forward to, this is because it promotes diversity and it is student led!


 Last Year Global Week 2016 was fun because I participated not just because I was the International Rep but because as a student I was given the opportunity to show my African culture and its value. Different cultural activities took place which were very educative such as how to make Brazilian food, a presentation by German students about university life in Germany, student brought in traditional clothes which included our Nigeria students showing off their cultural attire!

There was entertainment which included Club and Society dance performances, food and drinks, a Chinese Lion dance, a lot happened to mention but few. Another interesting part that made the day colourful was the fact that the Students’ Union and the International Office staff were there. The SU helped in organising the event. Amazing ARU students dedicated their time to come out and celebrate this great week.

Everyone was so happy, it was really an inclusive event, and it was great when home students did showed us British traditional meals and ways of culture which some international students said that really helped them settled well in the UK most especially in ARU Community.

Globalisation and inclusion is the way forward, it brings Peace, Unity, and Friendly Relationship Among Countries. I can't wait to see it all agai but bigger and better!


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