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Freshers Thursday night Live Review!

Student Kim Bates reviews our first Thursday night Live of the year..!

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In Cambridge, there are limited venues where you can go and see live music but I’ve found an absolute gem at our university. Last year Daryl, our Student Union President, started the Thursday Night Live night at the Academy on campus. We’ve had a number of bands come through but I had a good feeling about this particular night, October 2nd had something else to bring to the table.


The night started with Masta T, a student at Anglia Ruskin who brought hip-hop and alternative music together. His set started with a mellow introduction which burst to life with hip-hop and Rn’B influences. You couldn’t help but move to his set and sing along to the catchy songs they played such as ‘College Girls’. The highlight from his set was his excellent rendition of the classic ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’. If you like bands like Zero Seven, Gym Class Hereos and NoFX in their early days then check this guy out.

Masta T:

Norwich based artist Chris Sellers who goes by  Hello Pedro took to the stage next, the first acoustic act of the night. What I love about acts like Hello Pedro is that they are able to entertain a crowd with just their voice and guitar. If you enjoy indie/pop noise made from an acoustic act then check this out.  On the 11th at the Epic Studios in Norwich you’ll be able to see this act! Well worth getting yourself down there!

Hello Pedro:


Cody Pennington has made his way across the pond from Nashville, Tennessee to grace us with his talents. Confident in his ability and talent, Cody put on quite a performance getting the crowd cozily together for a good sing song. Currently up for the Best Solo Artist Award 2014 at the NMG awards, I can see why he was nominated!


Local artist Heartwork, aka Dan, is a quirky character on stage. He serenaded us with his voice accompanied by his guitar. Playing songs from his EP ‘She’ released earlier this year. Heartwork has a mellow attitude when it comes to music which lended itself to being a chilled out set that you could quite happily listen to drinking a pint. The music was honest and reflected every day life problems which made the music relatable to those in the crowd.


April Blue, a soul/R&B band from Hemel Hempstead performed a very feel good set. There is nothing better than seeing a band who enjoy themselves onstage performing making you want to move to the music as well. If you like artists like Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake then check this band out. :


Peasant’s King was the final act of the night. Already making a splash in the music scene with slots at Reading and Leeds festival on the BBC Introducing stages. I had a chat with the band before the show talking about how the band got together, their touring experience and their upcoming album. I found out that they travelled all the way from Wales to entertain us, I knew that they’d have a good show to put on. They’ve got a good stage presence and their music is the kind that makes you want to sing, if not scream, the lyrics back in their faces. Learn the words, see them and have a fantastic time! One song in particular to check out is ‘Antidotes’.

If you like bands such as Kings of Leon and Vampire Weekend, these guys are a band to check out.


Now where else are you going to see so many talented bands under one roof in one evening for £3?! Only at Thursday Night Live! Next night is November 6th, don’t miss it! You can find out about the bands playing HERE and HERE... See you there! 


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