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Who are Our Members?

Some information about who can use our services...

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As Anglia Ruskin University is such a diverse institution with varying methods of study, several campuses and many Associate Colleges, it is important for Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union to clarify which of these students are our Members and the services we can offer them.

Students registered with ARU who are studying on campus at Cambridge, Chelmsford, Fulbourn, Peterborough Guild House and Distance Learning Students are considered ‘Core’ students and the full services of the Union will be available to them all.

CRIC (Cambridge Regional International College)

CRIC students studying at Cambridge and Chelmsford will be able to take advantage of the following services:

  • SU Clubs & Societies as Associate Members, if the members of that club agree; an Associate Member fee will be payable. As Associate Members of Clubs, they may train and play in ‘friendly’ matches; any additional fees will be payable by the student. However Under BUCS regulations, they will not be able to compete on behalf of ARU in BUCS leagues.
  • Gym membership (Cambridge campus) as Community Members; a Community Membership fee will be payable by the student.
  • SU entertainment events. Students must be over 18 years of age and have appropriate identification; entry fees are payable.
  • Volunteering Service;

Unfortunately these students are not able to stand or vote in our elections and, due to the differences in academic regulations, cannot be provided with advice services.

‘Non-Core’ students

All students other than those mentioned above will not have access to any of the Union services and are also unable to stand or vote in our elections.

Associate Colleges should provide appropriate advice, guidance and representation to their students and may even have their own Students’ Union on campus for students to get involved with.


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