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What the duck are we talking about..?!

Your Experience Officer (Cambs) explains some policy jargon.

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What the duck are we talking about..?!
It can be difficult to get your head around our Union Council language, so I thought I'd explain a few things so you're prepared! 
Union Council is where you get to discuss and decide the whole direction of your Students' Union. Every student has speaking rights, and if you are a committee member of a club or society, or you are a rep, you can vote on policy.
Policy can be put forward by any student and can be about anything you think needs changing. In the past there have been policies passed to keep Wednesday afternoons free from lectures for sport, gender neutral toilets on campus, improving environmental impact and more. You can put forward your own policy now, about whatever you feel is important! Just follow this link and click new idea.
Policies are structured in a certain way, as you will see when you click on any of our existing ones here. Below is a quick description of what each section should do...
Union notes: Here, we lay out the facts; what we already know.
Union believes: This is where we say what we believe, this section often shows why the policy is being put forward.
Union resolves: Here we say what we will do if the policy is passed. What we resolve to do for you. 
So don't forget to come on Thursday 13th, 4pm - 6pm
Cambridge: Helmore 201
Chelmsford: Tindal Board Room
Peterborough: Guild House 204
Fulbourn: We will provide transport from Fulbourn to Cambridge, just contact Kristen Sharp at
See you there!
Daryl (Experience Officer Cambridgeshire)



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