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What a couple of weeks....

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What a couple of weeks…..


Where do I even begin, at the beginning of elections I was offered a Job interview at the University of Essex for Academic Standards and Partnership officer, I went for the interview and by 5.30pm that night I was offered the job! I accepted the job and arranged with my new boss to start the job on the 16th May. This means that I can stay to complete the Made a Difference awards and finish my objectives. I really didn’t want to leave early, but it was such a good opportunity I couldn’t turn it down.

We have also had the elections, and I wish the new team and especially Gabbi Foreman who will be taking over the role of Academic Affairs Officer the best of luck for next year! I am sure it will be a great year for students.

So, what else has been going on...

Well the ‘Made a difference awards’ nominations have finished and we had over 1,300 nominations! The nominations have been distributed round 10 student reps who are on the first panel to get it down to 50 nominations, as I type this students and myself are reading through the nomination to decide tomorrow (27th March). As reading through the nominations it is so nice to see how staff have made such an impact of students and their experience, and really have gone an extra mile to see their students succeed. It is going to be such a struggle to find the top 12 nominations as their are so many staff who have made a difference! The 50 nominations will then go to a further panel where the top 12 will be chosen, to then be announced on the 11th May.

I have also been working on the Good Academic Practice video, this is a video that will be done with students, to make plagiarism, collusion and how to reference easy to understand! This will hopefully go on a VLE page that is dedicated to good academic practice so that when you are writing an essay it is all in one place.

I also attended the student rep conference that was put on by our Cambridge student rep society, and the reps were asking hard question to senior managers on your behalf. Well done to everyone involved and who attended!

I am also carrying on working on the new VLE that will be coming in September, which should hopefully be even easier to use and become a fundamental part of your studies.

I have been doing lots of other things as well, but I don’t want to go on too much. If you have any question just send me an email on



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