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Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Your VLE is being updated - find out more here.

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Your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is being updated to enhance your online learning experience. But to make sure the changes being made reflect the needs of students, your Students' Union are getting involved.

We are working with the developers to suggest functions that will best suit you whilst you complete your degree. We are helping to ensure the new VLE student friendly, simple to use and engaging. In order to achieve this, one of your Executive Officers attends the Teaching Technology Steering Group - currently the President. A student focus group has also been set up to test the new site over the summer to really make sure the VLE works for you, putting your learning back in your hands.

The image below shows the current release process of the VLE so you can see where we are at.


1. IT Services, Anglia Learning & Teaching

2. IT Services, Anglia Learning & Teaching, Teaching Technology Steering Group (SU)

3. IT Services, Anglia Learning & Teaching

4. IT Services, Anglia Learning & Teaching Faculty Test Leads

5. Faculty Test Groups (SU)

6. IT Services


Phase 5 of the process is where students are involved the most, but the Students' Union have had input right from phase 2.

If you have any questions, please leave comments below or contact me:


Francesca Rust




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