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Union Council - Your Ideas in Action

Find out what's happened to your ideas in the 3 months since the last Union Council.

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Here's a quick run down of the policies that passed at the last Union Council and what's happened in the 3 months since!

Increase Recreation Facilities in Anglia Ruskin 14-11-2013

Passed at the November Union Council
We have spoken to the Estates and Facilities department who are going to put some new lighting in the Student Lounge in Cambridge and will also paint all the notice boards in there whatever colours we want. We are organising some games tournaments with our entertainments team and are very close to getting SUB TV (music channels) in The Academy. We have been given permission for Cambridge to have a pool table (Chelmsford and Peterborough both now have pool tables and a table football in Chelmsford). Getting there…!

No Platform

Passed at the November Union Council
Once passed the No Platform instantly came into effect and union staff have been updated; this is now taken into consideration when speakers are requested by student groups. Copies of the No Platform policy are available from every Students’ Union desk and the report the union is mandated to create to on the importance of both the No Platform, policy and fighting against prejudice in all its forms is in process of being created.

Policy for Inactive/Ineffective Course Representatives

Passed at the April Union Council
Elected representatives who have not been fulfilling their role have been contacted and offered more support, where there has been no response or the rep has wished to stand down a bi-election for their course has been activated. This has resulted in 59 courses having the opportunity to re-elect an alternate Course Rep.

Introducing audio recordings for lectures with little/no visual aids

Passed at the November Union Council
The Students’ Union and proposer of the policy/Lauren Fiddler (proposer) and Gabbi Foreman (Academic Officer) have been in contact with one another and are working on the best way to take this initiative forward.

Cruelty Free Cleaning Products

Passed at the November Union Council
The Vegan Society spoke with the union regarding how they would like this proposal to go forward. Initially this has been raised at the Space, Sustainability and Campus Management meeting where staff received a copy of the policy where it was received well. We are now waiting to hear from Andy Lefley (Assistant Director of Building Services in Estates and Facilities) who is investigating if the cleaning products used at Anglia Ruskin are cruelty free. Once we hear back and find out if they are/are not we will know how to progress.

Introduction of Welfare/Liberation Portfolio Reps

Passed at the November Union Council
Grace Anderson (proposer) and Gabbi Foreman (Academic Officer) met to form the draft job description of the new reps, these were then taken to the Student Equality and Diversity Forum for student comment/approval. They are also now online for comment as well as going to one more forum to finalise the roles. We will also be discussing how to train and support these Reps. These conversations have already begun within the Students’ Union and we are researching the best ways for Officers and staff to support and train the new Reps.

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