Thank you and Goodbye

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Thank you and goodbye…. 

What an insane last two years, I can’t thank you all enough for voting for me two years in a row. I can leave today knowing that I have given you all 110% and I have done my best. It is very hard to leave the union early, but I feel that I completed what I came to do. 

My personal objectives of the last two years: 

Typed assessment feedback- 80% should of got typed assessment feedback this year, 90% next year and 100% the year after that. That is thanks to you filling out the survey and clearly showing the university what you want. This turned out to be a large piece of work and took up a lot of my time.

Another objective was to make student reps stand out more, this was completed in the beginning of the second year semester one, by the Deans kindly paying for student representatives to have hoodies. This has worked out great as it has meant that students can clearly see who their student reps are and who they can talk to. We also had the first formal celebration for the Student reps at the Crowne Plaza to celebrate the great work student reps do everyday.

I had a fantastic personal tutor, and thought there should be an opportunity to let students nominate staff who made a difference to their student experience, therefore we launched the Made a Difference awards, the very first student-led-staff-awards. Over 1000 of you nominated staff, it was overwhelming how much you want to thank the staff, but also how they made a difference to you. We held a big dinner on Friday night, to celebrate the work staff and student reps have achieved, it was a wonderful way to finish the year!

This year I have also been working with the University on Good Academic Practice, this means that next year their will be a VLE page dedicated to Good academic practice, so that when you are doing assignments you can go to one place and find what you are looking for. There will also be a simple video to explain what all the different types of poor academic practice are.

I also worked on the Student Charter to make sure that the University had strong promises, and fair expectations for yourself.

I also sat on lots of meetings making sure that students are at the heart of all discussions.

I have also had the pleasure of working with the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, as I represented their faculty, and making changes for the students so they have a better student experience. E.g. timetabling.

I have really enjoyed working with the two office teams, we have had great fun and really achieved a lot. With out their support I would not have achieved the changes for students.

Some of you may or may not know, but the staff team at the SU work tirelessly to help officers and make a huge difference to the student experience. Without the support of staff, officers would not be able to achieve the changes made for you.

I can’t tell you all enough how amazing this job is, and if any of you are thinking of running in years to come please do, it is such a great opportunity.

Finally, good luck to Gabbi Foreman who is taking over from me, she will be fantastic at her job!

Good luck to you all, it has been an absolute pleasure representing you!


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