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Students Urged to Stay Safe

Press release from Police

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Press release

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Issue Date: 14/06/2013

Client Reference: Proactive

Client UID: 13-24-14

Students urged to stay safe

STUDENTS are being urged to look out for each other while out celebrating their end of term exams over the weekend.

Many young people will be going out to events in Cambridge to toast finishing their exams.

Police are urging people not to drink to excess and to look out for friends.

Chief Inspector Chris Balmer said: "We know there will be a lot of young people planning on going out this weekend to celebrate finishing their exams.

"While we want people to enjoy themselves we would just ask that they be sensible and look out for one another.

"As always, people should keep an eye on their valuables and ensure their friends get home safely if they have too much to drink."

Issued by David Old on 14/06/2013 15:03:58



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