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Re-design of My.Anglia

Student feedback please

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I am working with Guy in the SU and a number of key people within the University to re-design the front-end of My.Anglia to make it more centered around you, the student. 

Here are the current workings - can you let us know what you think. If anything crucial is missing, any questions you have or just general feel of the site? 

Home page "Essentials" - The Quick Links will be icons. 

Studies "Academic Life" - Looking at merging Module Catalogue and Exam Timetable. Removing Assignment Guidance as not all faculties use Turnitin. 

Campus "Campus Life" - Food & Drink will include Social Space. Financial Services seems to be more logical under Wellbeing? And do students really use Room Booking - most go through the Students' Union for society / club room bookings (this isn't library study rooms). 

Wellbeing "Student/My Wellbeing" - Money Advice may have its own seperate part. Community will link to ways to integrate within the community where your campus is based. We aren't sure whether to call it "Student Wellbeing", "My Wellbeing" or simply "Wellbeing" or is there another name you think is more appropriate? 

Get invovled "Get Invovled" - Is there anything we have missed? 

Thank you



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