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Mike Thorne VC signs up

After several discussions with Mike Thorne (Vice Chancellor) and Julian Huppert (MP for Cambridge) we have now secured both figure heads to sign up to be Postgraduate Champions. 

Gabbi (your Academic Office) and I (your President) met with Julian Huppert in May to discuss how he will champion Postgraduate within the political arena. Julian is a great support to Anglia Ruskin students and we are grateful to have a strong partnership with local Government. A recent press release from Julian can be found here 

Julian said: “Our present system of postgraduate funding means most students have to pay for their courses up front often borrowing money from family or friends. This deters some students from continuing their studies, taking away their opportunities.

“The government must act to address this situation otherwise we risk stifling our brightest young people and harming our science, research and education system and our economy as a whole.”

I discussed the Postgraduate campaign with Mike Thorne at one of our monthly meetings, Mike is an advocate of Postgraduate study and was fully supportive of the notion to develop more representation of Postgraduates in the Education Sector and better Postgraduate funding within the UK. 

(Julian Hupper, Francesca Rust, Gabbi Foreman)

(Signed checklists by Mike and Julian)

(Francesca Rust & Mike Thorne- Vice Chancellor)

If you want any more information or wish to get involved in Postgraduate campaign please email me: 

More about the campaign can be found under: Representing You / Campaigns 


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