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Pop Up Office

Come and find out what and who your Students' Union are!

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The Students' Union Pop Up Office

You’re probably asking yourself, what is that? And rightly so. It will be the first time that Anglia Ruskin’s Students' Union has ever tried this. The idea of a pop up office is to locate ourselves on a different part of campus, for the whole day.

Now you want to know why? Well, this will provide us with the opportunity to reach out to more students, who don’t really understand what our Union does or how they can get involved. We want to spend the entire day talking to you and your friends about what we are doing and so you can ask any questions you may have.

Who will be there? All of your full time executive officers will be there throughout the day, along with some of the portfolio reps who you elected in to post. Finally various members of the Students' Union full time members of staff.

Last but not least, you need to know where all this is taking place. Our first ever pop up office will be on Wednesday 14th November, located on the Ground Floor of the Lord Ashcroft Building beside Costa Coffee.

Please come over and talk to us and see what YOUR Students Union can do for YOU.

Upcoming Dates for our Pop Up Office

Wednesday 14th November - Lord Ashcroft Building
Monday 3rd December - Marconi


Adam Crabb
Experience Officer (Essex)






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