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Our big wins!

Some of the things we've been up to as team that we consider BIG WINS!

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  • Reclaim the Night was massive!


  • Getting more Made A Difference nominations that ever.


  • Thursday Night Live, our first acoustic night getting better and better.


  • Comedy Nights in Cambridge & Chelmsford being huge successes (and hilarious)


  • Pre-drinks on Wednesdays are back on!


  • Rent payments have been spread out better for student accommodation.


  • Sports Tour this year was our biggest ever and no one was left in Spain...!


  • An ARU policy was passed at women’s conference.


  • University are going to support us in anti bullying campaign.


  • Green pitch winner has been announced!


  • An extremely successful Sports Tour to Spain!


  • ARU representation at National Conference


  • Officer and Staff first-aid and sexual health training


  • Contested Women’s, LGBT and Black Students Conference elections


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