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Communications Officer Report - Emma Nibbs 15/02/12

A summary of what I have been doing for students recently...

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What I have been doing for students over the last fortnight? I hear you ask…

Well, I have been working with my fellow Executive Officers to promote the upcoming elections and held successful Election Roadshows in Peterborough, Cambridge and Chelmsford this week. We provided free hot drinks (gratefully received in the freezing cold!) and gathered student opinion on what they would like to see changed to improve their University experience.

I attended an open day in Chelmsford, We had a stall to promote the union and gave a talk explaining our services to prospective students and parents.

As officers we are sometimes required to attend academic hearing to ensure they are conducted fairly and I underwent training with one of our Advisors on Academic Regulations ready for me to attend my first hearing on next week.

In the coming weeks I plan to continue promoting the Union and the Full-time Executive Officer elections. I'm working hard to ensure this website, our Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are updated regularly with relevent information and I’ll be going out and talking to students about how they would like to receive information from the Union in future. 

I’m also planning to revamp the Student Union’s Notice boards around our campuses to make sure you’re getting the information you need in a clear and appealing way.

If you have any views you'd like to share, please email me ( or leave a comment below. :)


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