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Local MP gives Home Office Yellow Card

Issues on immigration for international students

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Following on from our discussions around international students, Julian Huppert (MP for Cambridge) goes to Westminster to debate the Governments' immigration policies for students. A great outcome! More info about the campaign can be found under: Campaigns/YellowCard 

6 June 2013

Dear Francesca,

As you have previously written to me with concerns about the Government’s immigration policies for students, I thought that you might be interested to know that a debate on student immigration will be taking place today in Westminster Hall.

I am pleased that this debate has been secured. Student immigration is an issue which effects a large number of my constituents and I do have serious concerns that the Government’s desperate attempts to cut immigration figures are causing many international students to look elsewhere.

Many businesses and industries in Cambridge rely on the fact that the city attracts so many excellent international students to study and work here. Indeed, the UK economy as a whole hugely from the contribution made by international students.

I'm hoping to contribute to the debate, and if so, will raise my concerns about the Government’s student immigration policies and will remind Ministers that here in Cambridge international students make significant contributions to the city- both economic and social. We need to send a clear message that the UK is open for business and the brightest and best international students are welcome here.

The debate is being held in Westminster Hall and is scheduled to begin at 11:30am. It will be possible to view the debate online through Parliament’s website and a transcript of the debate will be available shortly afterwards.

I hope that this is of interest to you and that you will be pleased to know that I remain committed to supporting policies which will help genuine international students who wish to study and contribute in the UK.

Yours sincerely,

Julian Huppert

Member of Parliament for Cambridge





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