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Competition - Ladies of Anglia Ruskin University

Competition to go to Microsoft Conference

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Microsoft Conference

Ladies of Anglia Ruskin University...

Would you like the chance to go to Microsoft and meet the leading ladies of business? Young Ladies Club have partnered with Microsoft in order to host one of the biggest employability skills conference in the UK (200 seats)

What is Young Ladies Club?

YLC (Young Ladies Club) is a new innovative interactive club that seeks to empower young women ages between 18-25 in areas of: Entrepreneurship, Education, Careers and Personal Development .The club interacts with young women on a technological platform through Facebook and YouTube and also through social interactions such as events, seminars and motivational talks.

This event is open to young women who are interested in working in Microsoft. The event will feature a top Graduate Rachna Patel who excelled in Microsoft on the graduate sales scheme in just three years. The event will also feature the graduate panel encouraging graduates to build up employability skills (please see the document attached)

Aim of the event

The current economic climate has shown that young women aged from 16-24 have had significant barriers in finding employment or becoming more employable. Therefore the seminar aims to develop equip young women in creating the career they want irrespective of the economic climate or their experience.
Event Description
The event will be set out in conference style, with opportunities for network and development. The event will feature a variety of speaker (particularly women) within Microsoft who have broken glass ceilings and achieved their dreams. The main learning objectives of the event are;
  • Young women to gain an understanding and demonstrate skills that employers require from candidates (Microsoft)
  • Make them aware of the positions in Microsoft and what the company offers graduates
  • Collaborate in teams and understand the importance of team work in organisations (break out session to be scheduled on the day)
  • Improve their CV and their professionalism
  • Gain understanding and knowledge about the different sectors that would like to work in.
  • Gain an understanding of a day in the life of Microsoft with panel of female employees.

All successful applicants will be fast tracked onto the Microsoft graduate programme ( this means that all graduates will have the opportunity to apply for any roles in Microsoft before anyone else). Open to all female students and graduated aged 25 or under.

To be in with a chance all you have to do is send your CV and a covering letter of why you think you should be picked to go to with your travel and tickets paid for. Send to

Good luck!





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