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Getting to know you:  Disabled Students' Rep Cambridge - Shubham Singh

Get to know your Disabled Students Rep in Cambridge, find out more about Shubham's plans for the year ahead.

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Find out more about the Disabled Students' Rep Cambridge - Shubham Singh  (He/Him)


What do you study? 

Computer Science (HONS) 1st Year 


Would you like us to direct students to a specific social media platform to reach you on? Or should they contact you by email only? 

They can reach me through Instagram “shubh_night” or facebook and Email would be preferable first choices. 


What are your campaigns/ what would you like to achieve for students this year? 

?Firstly, I would like to make good official logo for us then I would love all interaction with all of you whoever feel so different from others but don’t worry, maybe we don’t have to fit in society, my quote for you all “You don’t need to fit in, its okay to be odd and you would conquer it well.” Lame, I know right!  

I would like to achieve whatever the issues we have to face in the world, we can reunite fix the issues. Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE !  

That issues include signage and access for us on campus in better way. 


Why are you passionate about this project idea? 

I am passionate about this project idea, because of my back home in india, they have lack of system and there is no disability reps and they don’t pay any heed to us, that issues need to be resolve immediately, but I got opportunity to do this project and show them the proof why we need this idea back in my home to improve the issues as soon as possible. 

What made you stand to be a Rep? 

?I got nomainated because there is nobody taking in charge of disability reps, So, I decided to pour my ideology to work and also I am hearing impairment. There, that’s when I felt I need to take a stand before giving flame to next in line of disability reps hopefully its not empty.   


What’s your favourite social media platform/ where can students find you to chat? 

You will find me actively on Instagram mostly, @shubh_night  

As for my twitter that I open twice in a day, sorry not big fan of twitter but I will try my best to be responsive to y’all. And same as example 2 below it. 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? 

Well, that’s tough to decide considering climate change, just kidding, in five years I see myself doing the job which I will definitely love in santa monica studios. For this opportunity I got is much amazing considering, I will have a team to work with you to become better representative myself and on the future too.  


Share your three favourite tunes: 

Bad Guy – Billie Eilish 

Kind of Blue – modal jazz 

Mostly preferred jazz because of smoothing and peaceful music. 

Tell us something not many people know about you. 

?I am great in chess (former champion) and I pretend to be dupes against amateur.  

Hope that secret is safe with us.  


If you had a super power what would it be?? 

I would love to flash power, “speedster” power, so that I could travel back to past and mess it up XD, I could go around the world within seconds, my motto would be “You have already lost”. 


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