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ARU Staff Strike Action

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Anglia Ruskin Students' Union believes that lecturers and other staff in our university should be properly supported and remunerated. We believe that fair pay is an issue of fairness in itself, but also note that there are very clear benefits to students that pay is at a level which attracts excellent staff, and helps to support the maintenance of a happy and motivated workforce.

The Students' Union support the rights of all staff to challenge unfair practices, including to challenge pay and conditions which they democratically deem to be unfair.

We recognise industrial action as an entirely legitimate means of raising such concerns and is sometimes the most effective way of proposing change which will no doubt impact students. However, we do acknowledge that industrial action can seriously impacts on students – including on the marking and assessment of work, and the ability of students to graduate.

We do note that it is entirely possible to undertake industrial action in a manner which limits negative impacts on students, and which actually encourages active support from students over issues of common cause and concern.

We support staff of Anglia Ruskin University on the notion of the strike however we are conscious of the impact this may have on our students during their study and therefore expect staff to consider this when deciding on action. Our students will always be at the forefront of the Students' Union, taking into consideration their learning experience and expectations.

Our University have committed to paying the money that staff who strike would have received into the Student Hardship Fund. This is a new agreement this year which we feel is important to express to students to show our support for ensuring students do not miss out.


Francesca Rust


Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union


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