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2018-19 Campaigns: #LoveSocieties (Fraser Luther-Yarwood)

Fraser is working on continuing #LoveSocieties to support societies across all campuses!

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Hi! I’m Fraser and I am the Vice President for the Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care.

Following the #LoveSocieties campaign from last year I want to expand on the work that was done and introduce new approaches to support societies and prove the value that societies have on the academic experience.

Alongside repeating the survey for #LoveSocieties I will bring in an additional monthly award... the 'Society of the Month' award. Whether a society is large or small they all have the opportunity to be recognised for their hard work throughout the month. I will update you as soon as you can start nominating your own society or another society for 'Society of the Month'!


  • To develop from the work from last years’ #LoveSocieties project
  • Develop a feedback mechanism for societies
  • Offer monthly 'Society of the Month' awards
  • Help boost smaller societies within the union

#LoveSocieties surveys are now LIVE! Find them on the Societies page here!

The Society of the Month awards are up an running and here are your current winners of the Award

February - Midwifery Society (Chelmsford) and Graphic Design (Cambridge)
March - Level Up! (Chelmsford) and Pole Fitness (Cambridge)


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