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2018-19 Campaigns: Body Positivity (Amanda Campbell White)

Your VP Amanda Campbell White is promoting messages of body positivity and providing events on campus to celebrate all bodies!

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A campaign led by Amanda Campbell White, the Vice President for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

I am very excited to get this campaign off the ground! I want all students at ARU to see that we can all celebrate different body types and to realise that this is a topic which we can all relate to. The main aim of my campaign is to inspire body confidence by encouraging everyone to think about what they love about their bodies and to focus on the positives of ourselves. But more importantly to help us all be open minded to the fact that we are not all the same and shouldn’t have to conform to look like someone else.  


  • To normalise different body types within university
  • To highlight that we can love bodies of all shapes and sizes
  • Students will be able to build a network with other students who can relate to body confidence issues
  • Students will have a higher wellbeing because of having this network with other students


I have set up a working group for students who would like to actively help in organising the event for the campaign so if anyone would like to be involved then please get in contact with me via email ( or DM on my Facebook.

I am currently looking for students who would be willing to create any short videos/vlogs of what body positivity is to them to share as part of the campaign! Please send them my way via email (



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