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Nadia's Green Pitch idea is live!

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So they have arrived! 

On the 7th May 2013 the Cambridge Campus saw the development of two soft release enclosures for our three new Hedgehogs to live in for the first 2 weeks of their move. The two enclosures are located at the back of Peter Taylor House behind the gated area and in the wild garden. For the first two weeks, Nadia will provide them with food and water every evening until they begin to find food for themselves. 

We have in one enclosure a male and female pair and in the other enclosure a single male. We will be running a competition to name the hedgehogs so get thinking / sending in ideas!  

The European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus), is not formally protected, but is recognised of principal importance for the purpose of conserving biodiversity under section 41 (England) of the NERC Act (2006). The work of hedgehog rescue organisations is vital, research has shown hedgehogs are dying out in the UK at a rate of a fifth of the  population every four years. Historically, referred to as ?common', there is growing recognition that data on the population status in rural areas remains largely anecdotal and therefore uncertain.

All three Hedgehogs have been tagged with blue badges so we can identify them and their progress in their new homes so if you see them (at night) that's great but if you see them during the day then please identify the number and let us know! 

This is a fantastic outcome for Nadia's Green Pitch idea and with the great support of our Estates & Facilities, ARU Environment departments and also Beth Barrow an ARU student at the Hedgehog Hospital, Dr Sheila Pankhurst Head of Life Sciences and of course the team at Shepreth. 

If you want to get involved in all things environmental (not just animals) then get in touch with us! 

A few images to warm your heart! 

More images on facebook. 

Nadia & Fran


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