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One day you will miss me...

Musings of a wannabe ecological conservation biologist

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One day you will miss me.
You just don't know it yet.  Why would you, when you don't know about me or care about me?  You order your world with no thought or care about me or anyone else.  It is all about you.  How can you love anything beyond yourself when you have no interest or respect for anything else but yourself and your own needs?
One day you will miss me.
When bruised and battered flower petals litter the ground, ripped by the swathe of metal wreaking its first attack. Clods of earth over turned, never to be fertile again, not whilst you are here.  Greens, browns, purples, ochres and blues to be replaced by giant concrete and steel monstrosities.  My what a colourful world you are creating, sterility will be the order of the day from now on!
One day you will miss me.
Whilst you lounge in your characterless boxes, pumping out your filth and rubbish whilst sucking up every resource to fuel your warm bland interiors I have nothing.  My home, my forest, my trees; they mean nothing to you but money!  The grandeur of the tallest twisting bough and the life that lives therein escapes you and your myopic view.
One day you will miss me.
And one day it may be one day too late.  My world destroyed; your greed and lust for the inane insatiable. I have nowhere left.  You even fight with your own kind; rape, murder and to conquer is your mantra for all living things.  Honestly, how can you have love for other beings when you have no love for your own?
One day you will miss me.
And that day is now, for I have gone, never to return.  I join the prestigious ranks of the Dodo and the Passenger Pigeon.  I am missed now, but I wasn't cared about when I was beautiful, vibrant and alive. Now I am just a specimen behind glass and in print for those to read about.  'Too late, too late!' will be your lament.  But, when your children and grandchildren ask you 'why?', what will your answer be?
Keri Russell


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