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An Evening with Jane Goodall

An update of the Roots & Shoots Awards with Jane Goodall by student Tiffany Wallace.

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By the Roots & Shoots society

I am delighted to update everyone on our evening with Jane Goodall, the British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace. On Monday 3rd December myself (current president) and vice president Adriana attended the Roots and Shoots Awards 2012 at London Zoo as volunteers with Rns Jane Goodall Institute. Here we saw projects like we run, and unlike projects we run which benefit the environment, wildlife and humanity. It was very inspiring to see the initiatives and how well they pay off when people get involved. Stanley Johnson, Boris Johnsons father was there to support Jane Goodall and advertise his new book on conservation and travel (advertised on our facebook page)

Adriana and I then cabbed it across with all the equiptment to The Royal Institute near Green Park where we set up for the 'Evening with Jane Goodall' event with Steppes Travel. Jane was funny, poignant and inspiring as ever. It is always a pleasure to work for Dr Goodall and I plan to continue even after I graduate. Once a Roots and Shoots always a Roots and Shoot!  Janes favourite event is Roots and Shoots awards because to Jane, change for the better starts with us young folk. We will be smarter with the Earth than those that went before.

If you are keen to get involved in our projects please contact us via our facebook group

Thank you for reading and remember to try and do your bit! :)

Tiffany, President 2010-current

Society - Roots & Shoots 


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