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Let's get digging..

One early, damp morning on the 23rd December, four people with particular affections towards the natural environment ventured out to the depths of Peterborough City on a green mission. Before they knew it, they were parked up at what can only be described as Guild House, the home of our Peterborough students.

After exiting the transportation vehicle and un-buckling the 10 tree saplings from their safety harness in the back they engaged in conversation with a friendly chap who goes by the name of Nick.

The four updated their friendly chap Nick on their mission and he was keen to get involved. Following important advice, the four got back into the vehicle and made haste to the local garden centre, Dobbie’s, for additional supplies which obviously included the essential tea and cakes.

Once they returned, they identified suitable places to participate in the green activities and set to work. Taking the 10 saplings from the vehicle they marked out the area, each having a different task to take on and soon the area was secure to begin. One began with the trowel whilst others worked on the mesh protectors, planting and photographing. Before long all 5 Cherry Trees were securely in the ground and ready get growing!

Mid planting, there was a visit from Estates & Facilities Director & team. Words of support and enthusiasm were exchanged and suggestions for more options for the mission. Without further delay, the four up’d sticks and moved round to the centre of the courtyard and began to dig more. With another 5 Rowan Trees planted the four were very pleased with the outcome.

The mission – plant 10 of the young trees that our Roots & Shoots Society successfully secured from The National Trust to support our local environment and compliment the urban tree and wildlife diversity.

Mission Complete.

The four – Adriana Brossmannova (Roots & Shoots Society, President & 3rd Animal Behaviour, Biodiversity and Conservation), Youseuf Suliman (3rd Year Biomedical Science), Daryl Sharpe (SU Experience Officer) and Francesca Rust (SU President)

If you have a mission you want your Students’ Union to help you with… give them a bell!





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