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Students' eco guide to Xmas decorations

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With limited budgets but the same desire to celebrate Christmas either at your Uni home or elsewhere, there are ways you can celebrate in style that don't break the bank. AND they are friendly on the environment too. 

Tinsel and baubles may look nice for the 20 odd days you have your Christmas tree up for, but when the celebrations are over - where do they go? 


  • Paper baubles - rather than throwing all your papers away over Christmas try this out. 
  • Recycle last years decorations – create that vintage feel
  • Get the kids involved and make some Edible Deccies
  • Recycled paper snowflakes
  • Wrap up your presents using old newspapers for that authentic touch! Green Gift Wrap!
  • Can’t afford top range – why not bag a bargain from your local Charity shop?
  • Ordered lots of Christmas presents online? You can use the left over card to make a recyclable tree. Just like we did in Chelmsford!


  • How about create a homemade gift rule? (Our Experience Officer Richard uses this rule with his family)
  • Stuck with what to buy? Why not make a batch of chutney etc? BBC Last Minute Chutney
  • Bit breezy in your student home? How about making your housemates a draught excluder
  • Photo books and calenders are great gifts for Grandparents, parents and partners alike! They take no time at all to make and if you do a bit of googling you can find some great deals!


Merry Christmas 

From your Students' Union 




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