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ParaSoc Merchandise!

ParaSoc merch is finally here!

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We are pleased to announce that out members can now purchase ParaSoc merchandise! We’ll be selling hoodies, polos and t-shirts! Above is the design, it’s the same on the polos and t-shirts. You don’t have to put your name on there but it’s no additional cost to do so :)

All orders will be sent to the Student Union building on campus, as per SU policy and distributed from there. Due to expensive shipping costs we are aiming to order things in bulk, as stated above, the first order deadline is 6pm or Monday 19th September, after that we will do orders periodically when there are enough orders to make it viable. 

Please note that all designs are the same, regardless of which garnment, you don't have to get it personalised, if you don't want your name on it then just leave the option blank on the order :) 



We have tried to keep these as cheap as we possible can! This includes delivery etc. 

Hoodie - £24 

Polo shirt - £16

T-shirt - £15


Size guide

All garments are unisex

XS – Chest = 34

S – Chest = 36

M – Chest = 40

L – Chest = 44

XL – Chest = 58

XXL – Chest = 52

XXXL – Chest = 56


How to order!

So......this is a bit more complicated than we would have liked but unfortunately it is out of our control! There are three links below, each link to a different garment that is available for you to order as a ParaSoc member, you'll need to use the different links to add the different garments to your basket, you can then pay in one transaction at the end.


Follow these steps! 

  1. Follow the links and add the merch you want to your SU basket
  2. Go to the basket and pay for your merch
  3. You will then receive and email from the SU confirming your order, this is your receipt
  4. Forward that email to so we can confirm your purchase
  5. In your email please include the size you want and what you want your personalisation to say
  6. We will then reply to confirm that your order has been added to our list ready for the 25th September


Please note: If you don't email us, we won't know that you have ordered anything and you won't get your merch! 

Any questions drop us a message :) 

Hoodie Link

Polo Link

T-shirt Link





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