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It's a new year and start of trimester 2 for most students, but a massive welcome to the January intake and hope you come and join PARASOC for our talks, practicals and more over the coming year!

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On Tuesday this week the PARASOC team attend refreshers and brought along with them a resus doll and an i-simulate to show students and staff what they could do if they found an unresponsive person.

We had students that were new to the university talking to us about their experince with doing first aid training and trying to remember the format that they had been taught, a few people got down on the floor and gave it ago, 

Check out more images on the event on the PARASOC facebook page:

Thank you to all that came and spoke to the team and hopefully these students will chose to be part of the PARASOC group in the future.

It is only £4 to join the group and you can sign up from the SU web page or go to the SU service desk where they can sign you up there!!


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