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Jas Sangha - Outstanding Tutor Award winner

"These awards help to keep the passion of teaching alive within us"

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Outstanding Tutor or Supervisor Award winner in 2016

Jas Sangha

I was over the moon to win the ‘Outstanding Tutor’ award. I am humbled to teach the next generation of social workers. To me, education should be a basic right to everyone who wishes to enrich their lives. So many students work so hard to get to University and the experience changes their lives for the better. I therefore do not teach to win awards, I do not teach to make myself look good or to brag about how popular I am. I am here to serve and contribute some of my knowledge to these students of our future. Us tutors are here to serve, we do not expect gratitude or thanks but these awards which come as a surprise do help to keep the passion of teaching alive within us. So thank you.

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