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Why you should come here!

President tells why she came to ARU

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Francesca Rust

Congratulations to all those achieving their A Level results, you’re already halfway there! For those of you who are making that big decision to go back to education, I understand where you are coming from.

Here’s a little bit about why you should come to Anglia Ruskin University (ARU).

Our University offers a wide range of courses in a variety of ways so I am sure there is something that will suit you. I chose Anglia Ruskin because I was returning to education having worked in the private sector for 4 years or so and wanted a local campus that still had that uni experience. I loved my time here, particularly due to the awesome experience I got from getting involved in the Students’ Union. Now you may be thinking that I am just saying that because I am now President of the Students’ Union, but honestly, the friends that I made, the activities I participated in and the employment skills I developed made my experience here one that I will never forget.

The Students’ Union will help you find likeminded people through its Clubs & Societies and Representation. I got involved first by being a Course Representative and went on National Demo back in 2010. I then got one to one support to set up the Rep Society with another rep (still going strong now) which resulted in us winning a national award for NUS Course Rep of the Year.

But it’s not all academic orientated activities! Over the 3 years of my degree I also got involved in our Ski & Snowboard Club and went on ski tour each year which was awesome (I’m still going now). It was an opportunity to meet so many people from all different courses and make the most of my time at ARU.

Over the past couple of years our Volunteering Service has massively grown too. We find placements for students that are matched to their interests which really helps their employability during and after the degree!

Our university, whatever you are studying, really strives to ensure you have an amazing time here and graduate with the best qualification you can. You get opportunities to take up internships within Faculties during the summer which can really help with your academic development. Both our University and our Students’ Union employ students as a first preference. Last year we provided over 19,000 hours of employment for our students!

Anglia Ruskin University has such a diverse student population and really have something for everyone!

If there is anything else you want to know about our University, just send me a message!

Good luck & I hope to see you during Fresher’s!!

Francesca :)

President 2012-2014


FB: francesca.r.pres



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