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What is Cambridge Like?

Your Experience Officer for Cambridgeshire remembers moving to Cambridge…

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I was first shown around Cambridge by some students just entering their second year as I was starting my first. I remember loving it immediately- I had come from a medium sized village in the midlands and it was certainly an improvement in terms of spaciousness if nothing else. We walked into the town and went to the market, through all the back streets, stopped at the Sweet Shoppe and carried on to the river- a route I’m sure won’t take long to become familiar should you choose to explore as we did. We headed back through the shopping centres and saw the hustle bustle of people that always seems to be buzzing in Cambridge and wandered back to Mill Road (a place you’ll DEFINITELY know if you study on the Cambridge Campus) to relax with a pastry and a nice cuppa tea.

My first experiences of Cambridge didn’t end there, the same day I got shown one of the local pubs and enjoyed an evening of merriment, friendly chatter and… animals? A friendly popular pub in the Romsey area of Cambridge not only boasts great student friendly events like pub quizzes, pub idol and drinks deals, but also has pigs and rabbits in the garden! It’s pubs like this, and many others that make up part of the great atmosphere of Cambridge in the day and night.

Not everyone will have another student to show them around the city as I did, but that’s where the Students’ Union comes in. Running city tours is just one small part of the service we offer and it really can make such a difference to your student experience to get to know the city you’re in.  You’ll find out about amazing places like the ones I visited during my time as a student, and also the more boring but no less essential locations of things like banks and post offices. Make sure you come along and get to grips with the city you’ll be living in while you study. See you there!

The Cambridge tours will run on the 19th and 20th September at 4pm


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