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Top tips for starting Uni!

Some words of wisdom from your Executive Officer Team...

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It can be a daunting time starting University, so here are a few tips from the officer team, we hope you’ll find them useful…

Making Friends

Don’t be worried about talking to new people, everyone is in the same position as you. Start by chatting to people in your halls, on your course and of course go along to some welcome week and Freshers events, it’s great to get to know people from different halls and courses.

Arrange to meet up with other students in the daytime, have a kick about, go for coffee or explore the shops, It’s easier to get to know people properly this way than on nights out.

And remember, you don’t have to be best friends with the first person you meet!

Your New home

Don’t buy a kettle or toaster to take with you when you move in, you’ll arrive and end up with 6 of each in the halls kitchen!

Cook! Home cooked meals are cheaper and much nicer, cooking meals and eating with your new housemates will help you get to know each other and save you money! There are some great recipes to try in our Freshers calendar.

Best money and time saving tip of all… Take your laundry home! The ‘rents will miss you and be happy to help!

Fun Times!

Make the most of your 1st Year! Everyone that’s been to university will tell you and they're right, time flies so make the most of your time at Anglia Ruskin.

When you’re out on the town, try to stay with a group so you don’t get lost or in any trouble, also remember to save a local taxi number in your phone before you go out.

Okay, so we’re a little biased but… Join a Club or Society! Experience or skill level doesn't matter, just throw yourself in and your university experience will be so much better for it.

You’ll meet people with a similar interest and get to try something new or keep doing the thing you love. Don’t be disappointed if the Club or Society you’re hoping to join isn’t there, see it as a unique opportunity for you to get something going, that’s where all clubs and Societies start out.

We organise lots of one off trips and sessions called Give it a Go's, from City day trips to White Water Rafting, the sessions really good value and there’s something for everyone.

We put on heaps of activities for your entertainment so keep looking out for our events throughout the year.

Your Course

Attend everything on your timetable, the session you miss will always be the important one so don’t miss out!

Whilst welcome week events are amazing, remember that you still have to go to lectures! The first ones will be where you’ll get a lot of information so maybe take it easy the night before your first 9am session eh?

Find out about employability support: It’s really important to get additional experience to compliment your degree, your faculty employability advisors and our Volunteering Service can help you with this.

Money Money Money…

Now is the time to plan your finances, consider Rent and Bills and then split up your remaining money so you have a weekly allowance. It may seem obvious but do this properly, once you run out of money you’ll really wish you’d budgeted!

Not many students can get by without a part-time job these days, The Students’ Union and the University employ students so check out our jobs page for vacancies and sign up to ARU’s Employment Bureau.

It may sound corny but, If you need help, we’re here for you.

Even if something seems silly, sort out any issues before things escalate. No matter what it is, course related, personal, or you just feel a little homesick, there’ll be someone available to help.

You’ll be given a lot of flyers and information leaflets with where to go for help, but if you’re still not sure, please don’t suffer in silence.

The Students Union have a professional Advice Service and if we’re not the best people to help, we can tell you who is! Stop by the office, call us or drop any one of the officers an e-mail.


And finally, when you arrive, come over and see us! We can’t wait to meet you!


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