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Top 8 Hangover Cures

Top tips for avoiding and coping with that next day hangover.

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We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve slightly overdone ourselves on the drink the night before. So to make it a little easier for you, we've got a few tips to help you recover and feel human again on the following morning.

Drink water.

Keep some water by your bed and take frequent sips to keep your body hydrated. Be careful not to gulp it down as you could find it coming back up the other way. Even better, drink water between drinks on your night out and it will lessen the chances of a pounding headache the following morning.

Alka Seltzer!

This 85 year old hangover cure is sworn upon by the older generations who’ve used it for decades. Just dissolve it in water and drink it. Once in your system, it will start to neutralize your stomach acid.


Everything can be defeated by a strong black coffee in the morning. Even if it doesn’t get rid of your hangover it’ll certainly keep you awake during your morning lectures. Caffeine in the coffee will dehydrate your mind, so make sure you don’t substitute the water.


That’s if your flatmate hasn’t had the last decent slice and left you with the crust. Toast is a great way to get some carbs into your system and soak up all the alcohol still hanging around.

A balanced meal.

Whatever you might think, a donor kebab at 4am will not make your hangover better. It’s what you eat before you drink that matters. Make sure to have a good balanced meal before heading out.

Note: Guinness does not count as a balanced meal!


Paracetamol can be a god send the following morning. Keep some by your bed and have your two tablets every four hours to get rid of that hangover.


Sometimes sweating out that hangover is the way forward. Why not have a go at the local Park Run every Saturday morning? Don’t expect to set yourself a new PB after a skinful the night before mind. Make sure to grab a water bottle so you don’t get dehydrated half way round.

An alcohol free night out.

To avoid having to do all the above, drink responsibly when you go out. You don’t need to get drunk to have a good night. An alcohol free night out is good every now and again!


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