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First Things First Checklist

Just arrived at ARU? Stop, chill and do these things.

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At last! You're here! 

Coming to ARU is a really exciting time, but we want you to look after yourself so stop, chill and do these things...

  • Get on social media: Find ARU Students’ Union on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Make your bed: If you’ve just moved into a new room, make your bed before you unpack anything else. The last thing you’ll want after your first day at uni and a great night out at a freshers party is to battle an inside-out duvet cover.
  • Stick the kettle on. Have a cup of tea with your new friends, housemates, or classmates and use it as a chance to get to know each other.
  • Register at the medical centre: Freshers Flu is coming – are you prepared?
  • Buy your freshers wristband: Get access to the freshers parties and events with one wristband. Buy yours here
  • Call your friends or family back home: Let your loved ones know how you’re settling in and have a chat to keep homesickness at bay. If you’re struggling with university life, our Advice team can help. Find them here.
  • Check your student email account: the university and the SU will send you important information and keep you up to date via your student email. Check it regularly to stay in the loop.
  • Take our Societies Quiz: wondering which societies you should join? Take our quiz and find out which are best suited to you
  • Attend a Give It A Go: Try new activities including trips, activities and taster sessions with our Societies that ARU Students’ Union offers. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people with similar interests, or maybe try something you have never had the chance to do before.


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