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Being A Fresher- A Student's View

Second year student Tim remembers what it was like being a Fresher...

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Here at the Students' Union, we really want to make Fresher's the best it can be, and what better way to make sure we are doing that than contacting students to give us their point of view? Tim Court, a second year student on the Cambridge campus remembers being a Fresher in halls here...


"For me, the idea of being a student was exciting and daunting at the same time. I'd never lived away from home so it was going to be a great thing to have some freedom. Moving into halls with people that I didn't know was a challenge. There's the awkward moment when you walk into the kitchen and are faced with a complete stranger. However you'll find that 99% of the time that stranger is actually someone you're going to be living with for the next year, and depending on how you get on could be a future house mate and friend for life.

I found the first couple of weeks of university to be amazing. I found myself going out with people I had met literally hours earlier and having a great time. During Fresher’s week everyone is in the same boat. Very few students know will be in groups already, and are looking to meet new people. The Students’ Union events are a fantastic way of meeting new people, everyone’s a student and everyone is up for a laugh.

Another important part of my Fresher’s experience was joining societies. If there is one thing I would say to everyone starting university it would be to join at least one society. I chose to join a couple and it has served me well, I've made friends with people I would never have normally met and had an awesome time doing it. It’s a great way of finding people with common interests and gives you the excuse to try something you have never done before.

I found the Students Union to be a real help during my first stages of university and find them useful to this day. They are most importantly a great bunch of people that really care about your university experience. They can help with everything from finding your way around the campus to helping with issues you might have with pretty much any aspect of university life. If I have any questions the SU is my first port of call.

Overall I have loved my first year at Anglia Ruskin, there has always been the support when I need it and have had a great laugh whilst learning a hell of a lot.

If you’re coming to Anglia Ruskin this year, get ready. Because it will probably be some of the best years of your life!"


Michael Charles Jones
11:23am on 16 Aug 13 Hey Tim, thanks for the great advice. Definitely will join two or three societies, at Freshers Fair - it gives the opportunity to meet like minded people. ;) The resources at the Student Union are for supporting and helping Students throughout the time at University, both in good times and bad. Glad to have them on my side.;)
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