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What are these banners on my campus about?

Its election season!

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What’s happening on my Campus?

This is probably what you're all asking yourselves; where have all these banners come from? Who are these strangers trying to hand me flyers? What am actually I voting for anyway?

Well, I can tell you that it’s Executive Officer Election time and in July your Officer team will look very different.

Right now we have 20 candidates competing for your vote. Please take the time to listen to what they want to change to YOUR Students' Union and YOUR University. You may be approached by more than one person in the space of 5 minutes, but please be patient and polite as you’d probably be the same. For our candidates, this is the difference between securing a full time job and falling at the last hurdle.

Not only will Candidates be asking you to Vote, so will Student Union staff standing at the ballot boxes where you can vote on campus. We are passionate about these elections because the new Officer team will lead the direction of the Union for the coming year. In fact we’re so excited, we even made a Vote Harlem Shake video!

Expect to see banners, ballot boxes, blue t-shirts and lots of energetic candidates.

Please get involved in the Anglia Ruskin Students Union election, maybe next year people will be voting for you.

Adam Crabb

Experience Officeer Essex 2012-13


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