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The Adventures of Sophie-May are looking for a new illustrator

Sophie-May is looking for an illustrator to follow her on her new adventures for 2013-14!

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Last September, 1st year Writing & English student Sophie May and 3rd year Illustration student Emily Knight collaborated on 'The Adventures of Sophie-May' student led project. The Adventures of Sophie-May is a series of fictional stories published on the Students' Union website every month. This was the first literature and illustration project the Students' Union hosted on its website and was well received by ARU students last year with a total of 1774 views.

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Emily Knight is graduating this year and Sophie May is looking for a new illustrator who will work with her on this year's illustrations and take the stories a step further. The stories will be quite different this year and will move away from the song related themes. Sophie May is also looking into transferring the stories into podcasts and experiment with all sorts of things that could make this project bigger and better.

If you are interested please email Sophie May or SU Marketing Co-ordinator Elisavet Christou

Illustration by Emily Knight. Scene from 'The Fairytale of Mill Road' story.


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