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The Adventures of Sophie-May

Forget Bieber, Lennon and Rihanna; come on an adventure with Sophie-May and meet the real characters of pop!

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'The Adventures of Sophie-May' coming soon!

We are very pleased to announce that from next week we will have a new reporter working for us! Her name is Sophie-May and she is a 1st year Writing and Journalism student and is very excited to be reporting for us.
Sophie-May is going to be working on something new and very special. We thought that it would be nice to get to know some local people, whether they are fellow students, members of staff or people of an interest from the community. We're sure she will unearthing some very interesting individuals for us and hopefully will teach us a thing or two!
For her first article, Sophie-May will be visiting a family on Mill Road, which we're sure you’re aware is the centre of the debate around the proposal for a new supermarket. She will be discussing with them how the plans affect them and what they think it means for the local community.
Join us in giving Sophie-May a warm welcome and looking forward to her unique and insightful stories.

In Sophie-May's Words

Hi! I’m Sophie-May and I’m a first year student and I’m new to the area as well as the university. I’m hoping that I can bring you some interesting local stories through fresh eyes.

Journalism is in my blood; my dad and his father before him have spent their entire working lives writing for the local newspaper and I’ve always intended to follow in their footsteps. This is a big step forward for me and I’m really excited to be kicking of my journalism career writing for my fellow students.

Just to let you know a little bit more about me, I’m a big John Lennon fan, I love to draw (all my lecture notes are surrounded by doodles), I couldn’t live without my cats and confrontation makes me very nervous, which I’m sure I’m going to have to overcome to be a successful journalist!

If you see me around campus (just look out for the white cowboy boots) please feel free to stop me and say hi. I’m really interested in what you want to be reading so let me know if there are any local places or characters you think I should be writing about.

Meeting the Thompson family from Mill Road was a really interesting first project. Watch this space for the article, coming soon!

Sophie-May's room


Francesca Rust - President
1:26pm on 28 Nov 12 This is brilliant!
Gabbi Foreman - Academic Officer
9:34am on 27 Nov 12 I can't wait for this!
Liam Sullivan
3:18pm on 26 Nov 12 I look forward to reading your article :)
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