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SU Shop New Offers!

The Cambridge SU Shop is bringing you some great new offers for a nice 2013 start.

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SU Shop new offers 28th Jan - 22nd Feb

Alpen bars

Naked Bars

Special K  Bars

Seed stacked flapjacks

Tracker Bars

Crème/ caramel eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs 45g carton

Irn Bru

Lucozade Sport / Lite 500ml



Walkers  French Fries / Quavers

Hula Hoop/ Wheat Crunchies/ Nik Naks 25% extra packs

Malteaster Bunny

Sunmagic juice  500ml

Haribo 160g

Mini eggs 100g Bags

40 Yorkshire Teabags

McVities Flapjacks/ Muffins

Feel Good Drinks

Kettle Chips

 2 for 80p


2 for 80p

2 for £1.40

3 for £1

2 for 90p

2 for £1



from £1

from £1

2 for 80p

2 for 75p

2 for £1



2 for £2




2 for £1


SU Shop: Coslett 024

Opening Hours Term Time: Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 17:00pm


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