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Illustrate Freshers 2015!

Volunteer with the SU Marketing and Communication team, help us design our Freshers 2015 promotional material and get your work seen by thousands of students.

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Last year, Sorcha volunteered with us to illustrate Freshers 2014! Everything you saw during Freshers and Refreshers, from the Freshers microsite, to the Freshers flyers, the Freshers Calendar, Freshers bags, lanyards, wristbands and the Freshers Guides have been designed using Sorcha's illustrations. This is a massive project and we've been extremely lucky in the last 3 years to have so many talented ARU students volunteering to illustrate Freshers. 

This year we wish to work once more with talented Illustration or Graphic Design students that will bring their own creative ideas and style to our communications with the new and old ARU students this September.

Freshers is the most attended event on the Students' Union calendar with thousands of students coming to Freshers Fair, attend freshers events and parties, visit the SU website and interact with the SU through our social media. The work you'll do with us will of course get accredited by the SU Volunteering service and your name will be mentioned on any printed or digital freshers promotions.

Some examples of the things we're planning to produce this year: Students' Union 2015/16 Calendar, SU leaflet, SU map, SU Freshers Programme, Freshers Promotional campaign (printed and online).

If you would like to get involved or if you have any questions please contact Emily Stalley:

Here's some of the designs Sorcha produced last year.



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