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Grant Ward

3rd year Film & TV Production student Grant Ward films SU Halloween video

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Hi there! I'm Grant Ward and I'm a 3rd Year BA Film and TV Production student. I managed to get involved with the SU Halloween film because I met the SU President Francesca through my other involvement in the Union, specifically the Creating Opportunities campaign ( run by Elisavet.

The Halloween film was such a great experience – it was an idea born from Francesca's mind and within a week it was made and online. Along the way we all had so much fun and I met load of wonderful people. I think the end result and the feedback we've got speaks for itself. Even with a camera that wouldn't focus and that literally broke in half in the middle of filming, we still managed to create a fun video that achieved its purpose.

The Students' Union is such an amazing resource and a wonderful way to get involved. Not only do you get valuable experience in a safe environment, but you also meet some of the most wonderful people who always appreciate anything you do; as a charity, the SU strives on the help it can get from volunteers.

My work over the past year with the SU has inspired me to get involved in a lot more things around uni. I'm currently a level 3 rep for my course. I'm now a member of the rep, LGBT, aerobics and film and arts societies (as well as a committee member for the film and arts society). I also regularly get involved with opportunities that help to further the SU; I plan to attend DEMO 2012 and the Union Council, as well as offering my opinion in The Plan survey (as someone who wants to become a future executive officer, this is important to me!).

To anyone else looking to get involved, I would strongly encourage it. Whatever your course, and whatever skills you have to offer, there is something for you at the SU. Whether it's through helping their marketing department, volunteering opportunities or even getting involved in weird and funny videos like this one, it will definitely enrich your university experience.





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