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Doctor Who - Audio Drama

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Are you a Whovian and cannot wait for the 23rd of November for the 50th Anniversary episode? Well Doctor Who Online has a very special treat for you. Today we bring you One Fine Time Lord; an audio drama written and directed by Brendan Sheppard.

What’s the story? “History Will Be Written”! Gallifrey: The Ancient Times. Long ago, Time Lord society honoured its oldest surviving member, the last of the ‘great’ Lords of Time. One man had sought to bring about peace across the planet by uniting the houses at war and introducing a ‘non-interference’ policy, thus ushering in a new era of harmony. His name – Lord Archeron. But with his life’s work “almost complete” he strikes up a partnership with a young boy who marvels at this man’s legacy and an uneasy friendship ensues with the mighty sage. Soon however, the ancient Time Lord will reveal his true ambition for the people of Gallifrey and the boy must make the ultimate decision. The price for peace across the planet might be higher than anyone expected… Join the most powerful story in Time Lord history.

People from all over the country, from Blackpool, Yorkshire, London and then even from Wales came down to Cambridge in April 2013 to audition for one of fifteen parts. It was a jam packed weekend meeting enthusiastic and dedicated Doctor Who Fans. In June 2013, with the chosen cast we rehearsed and recorded the hour long script in three days; everyone was physically and mentally exhausted but full of joy after spending so much time with an unbelievable cast. Two of our cast members are Anglia Ruskin’s very own students. James Amey who plays the older son in the audio drama is a third year Drama and Film student. And Catharine Pereira who plays Cardinal Allis is a third year English Language and Linguistics student.

This audio drama was recorded and edited at Anglia Ruskin by third year Audio Music Technology student Jared Lucas. I approached Jared to take part in this project because of his involvement with Cam FM’s on air image and the intention to give a friend a great opportunity for his career; to which he kindly agreed not entirely knowing what he was getting himself into. Jared’s talent, skill and over all dedication has helped him do an outstanding job being the sound engineer for this project. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with; working with a friend who is passionate is so motivating.

I, Kim Bates, had the honour and privilege of producing One Fine Time Lord. I’m currently in my second year studying Film and TV Production. To have produced this between my first and second year at Anglia Ruskin has filled me with such confidence and pride. I am so proud of every single person involved in creating this stunning production. I cannot thank David Clouter and Brendan Sheppard enough for having me on the production team. This experience is definitely the highlight of my university career so far and who knows there may be around one in the bag.

Head over to the Doctor Who Online website where you can download your copy of One Fine Time Lord!

This audio drama was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who for Doctor Who Online with the intention of raising money for BBC Children in Need. Please donate what you can to BBC Children in Need. Your support is much appreciated by everyone involved.

Donations to Children in Need can be made via the Official BBC website here or by calling 03457 332233.

Have a very Whovian day!

Kim Bates



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