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Daryl Sharpe

3rd year Drama student does special effects for the SU Halloween video

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My name is Daryl Sharpe and I am in my third year studying Drama. I'm socials captain for Aerobics and Dance, I work with the Film and Arts society, I'm getting involved in the Rep society and I have recently been elected to be one of two third year Drama course reps.

I am a big supporter of the Student's Union and believe it to be a vital part to the working of any university. I think it's really important that all students know who represents them and can make their time at university the most enhanced it can be. I was very pleased, then, to be asked to help work on a promotional film for Anglia Ruskin! This was a great opportunity open to all students to advertise what the Union has to offer- with a twist! I helped to create the zombies you'll all see dancing to Gangnam Style by providing the make up and blood (fake, of course!).

I intend to continue to work with the Student's Union as much as possible, and think that with so many opportunities to do so this year, it should be too tricky! I've given my opinions for The Plan (a three year strategy to be employed by the Union next July) and want to be involved in the next Union Council- a place where student's voices are really heard- in November. 





Gabbi Foreman - Academic Officer
2:49pm on 30 Oct 12 Great article!
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