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Creative Opportunities with Anglia Ruskin Environment Team!

The University's environment team are looking to work with talented creative students on some very exciting new projects including video, graphics and illustrations and interior design. Find out how you can get involved.

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Volunteer to work with Anglia Ruskin Environment team on some very exciting creative projects and help make your university greener while gaining valuable working experience and develop your portfolio!

The Environment Team's opportunities are:

To produce an Environment Policy video

We are currently revising our environmental policy and strategy and wish to communicate these changes as well as some case studies and recent achievements in an engaging and interesting way to ARU students and staff. We want this to be more than just a corporate video and that's where you come in and propose creative ideas to make this video truly engaging! Read more and contact us here


To design behaviour change graphics

We are looking into working with a student or a group of students who could research and develop graphical interventions that will encourage occupiers of the Marconi building to adopt energy efficient practices. These can be communication products / materials that can go on walls, floors and windows or something completely different - it depends on your ideas! Read more and contact us here


To design artwork for notice boards around campus

We have some large green notice boards around Chelmsford and Cambridge campus in key locations that we recognise these are not visually attractive or easy to read and can often be lost in the sea of other posters. We would like you to design some visual artwork that will help us promote the work, news and events of the Environment Team and which will be used throughout the year. Read more and contact us here


Volunteering with Anglia Ruskin Environment Team means that you can get your hours accredited by the Students' Union Volunteering Service, you can gain some valuable working experience working on projects from initial briefing to the final result, you can develop your portfolio and get your work seen by thousands of students, staff and the community, you can have you name printed and accredited to all the creative material/content you'll produce and finally you can have a great time working together with ARU staff members on some very creative projects.

If you have any questions or if you wish to talk about any of these projects please contact Sarah Johnson:


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