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Changemakers! Logo design opportunity

Be the one to design the logo for the new Anglia Ruskin University and Students' Union 'Changemakers' scheme.

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Anglia Ruskin University and the Students’ Union are launching a scheme to encourage all students to improve the Anglia Ruskin experience in partnership with staff. These students will be called ‘Changemakers’.

Any student can become a Changemaker by suggesting something about their university experience that could be improved or changed for the better. Students then work with university staff to find ways to change or improve it. The change could be anything, from starting a university tv station as a new tool of communication within the university community, working with the IT department to develop the university’s mobile app, do research on ‘students living in halls’ social behaviour that would help the Students’ Union and university better target their communications, services and social activities to this audience. The possibilities are endless and it’s all about combining your interest and passion with working towards positive change within Anglia Ruskin.

The important thing to remember is that there is a process:

1.Identify the ‘issue’ > 2. Do research to find out how to make the change > 3. Make the change

Here are 2 examples of existing projects.

Amaze Magazine

Students from the Cambridge School of Art wanted to create a student led magazine so they could grow and celebrate the CSA community. They had identified that building a community in the CSA would improve their experience and a student led magazine was the best way to achieve that. These students worked with the SU marketing team to produce ‘AMAZE’ magazine which published its first issue in June 2013.

What makes a good timetable

It has been identified through research that some students are unhappy about their timetables and some students are very happy. A student project team was assembled to research what makes and good timetable and make realistic recommendations to improve the timetable of unhappy students. This project is still on-going.

The Logo Design Project

We’re looking for a student or a team of students to create a logo and work with the Students’ Union Communication and Marketing team to develop a simple set of accompanying brand guidelines for ‘Changemakers’.

The logo must:

Include the words ‘Changemaker’ written as a single word

Be able to be read in print and web formats at different scales

Must not:

Include the University or Students’ Union logos

A few descriptions of a ‘Changemaker’ or the Changemaker scheme.

  • Student-led initiatives
  • Partnership between students and staff
  • Making changes based on evidence
  • Students and staff working together
  • Student-led research projects
  • Making a difference
  • Improving satisfaction

Other similar schemes

Target Group: All ARU students: young mature, international etc. All members of staff: academic, administrative, technicians, support etc. The public: citizens who engage with the university and its activities.

You should try to think about the various meanings of the two words ‘change’ and ‘maker’ together with the concept of collaboration and partnership. Your approach could be based on the concept of active transformation, the input of someone’s work towards turning something from its initial state to something different and better. You could look into the concept of collaborative communities and collaborative contribution, the idea of a creative contribution which leads to the emergence of shared understandings. However you try to approach this, make sure you are considering all the main elements of the ‘Changemakers’ brand which are: Positive Change, Collaborative Action, Student-led initiatives.


The Changemaker scheme will be launching in September 2013 and we would like to have completed the project before the 16th August. Prior to deadline the Changemaker board would like to see and help advise on the direction so drafts must be available prior to completion.


This is a voluntary project. Your hours will be certificated through the Students’ Union Volunteering Office.

Your design will feature on a variety of documents used to promote and communicate the scheme through web and print, potentially seen by hundreds of students as well as external organisations who work with Anglia Ruskin.

The Students’ Union marketing team will, where appropriate, mentor you to help you complete the project.

Please email Guy Stepney: if you have any questions or need more information


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