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ARU Graduate filmmaker produces our brand new video!

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Hermes, volunteered with us under the Creating Opportunities project to film, direct and produce the Get more out of student life! video for our Open Days. This video is targeted to any ARU prospective student who wants to find out more about what is like being a student at Anglia Ruskin from a Students' Union point of view.

Hermes, put a lot of effort and time into producing this video and with the help of other students volunteering both in front and behind the camera, he managed to deliver this great video which is entirely made by Anglia Ruskin students!

Hermes Contreras

I am a post-graduate MA in film and TV production; during my MA I had the opportunity to work in different projects including Short films, Documentaries, promotional and Music videos. My background come from working in front of the camera as a supporting actor in a TV Channel which allowed me to discover my passion for media production and to be able to get the most from people and actors in front of the camera.
At the moment I am the Producer of Anglia Media Production, working in different projects and getting the most out of each one. My experience on different projects cover the three stages of production including developer & researcher , logistic, cameraman, gaffer, editor, director, among others.  On my opinion every project I am involved is a new story to tell and to learn from it, this will allowed me to continue developing my skills and putting them into practice.
My plans for the future are to get more and more involved on different type of productions but with a special interest in observational documentaries.

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