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First post and a quick summary of the first meeting!

Just a quick introduction to me for those who don't know me and a brief overview of the points I voiced at the Semester one meeting!

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So as a general introduction to those of you who dont know me; I'm Jake, I've studied at ARU full time for the duartion I've been here, and I'm now in my third year. A couple of weeks ago i was, shall we say, firmly prodded by the course leader into this position as course rep. Whilst it wasnt exactly something envisioned myself doing initially - having had my induction and already attended a meeting voicing the concerns of my peers, i really feel this is a role i can fill effectively!

So all introductions aside, some of the key items I voiced at the last meeting for your reference were as follows:

  • Poor consistency in marking from certain lecturers which were found in cases to have been copy and pasted between students
  • The promise of BIM and other software usage in year 2, which never got delivered
  • The desire for more measurement subjects in order to keep up practices which will be required of you on entering the industry
  • More input with regards to using the microsoft Excel package - skills which nearly all employers ask for to an advanced level.
  • Late or evening classes which are not effective to promoting your learning due to lack of concentration and fatigue.
  • Queried the whereabouts of the NEC contract suite for reference in the library.
  • Emphasised the need for more guidance and explaination on the structure of the dissertation - on the basis that some students are still nervous/confused.


All these points were taken on board and the conversations were minuted by senior level staff. They aim to, from these minutes, work towards improving on the concerns above as soon as practically possible. The next meeting that i will be attending with faculty staff is, so ive been told, in March. 

Just a quick sidenote, i am uploading a profile photo (excuse the mugshot!) and, when i can work out how to input the text properly without half of it disappearing, putting up a bio/profile. Just bear with me while I try to make heads of it!

Hope thats given you an insight into the sort of things i have voiced on behalf of you and the kinds of things i will be doing in the future. Please dont hesitate to contact me with any queries, suggestions or any other questions regarding your course.



Jake Woolner.

Year 3 Quantity Surveying Course Representative


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