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[1st Year Feedback] Feedback Forms to be distributed

Feedback wanted for 1st Year Psychology, Abnormal and Clinical Psychology, and Psychology and Criminology courses!

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Hello everyone - welcome to the first ever news feed from your reps!

This is a notice to inform you all that the First Year Reps will be asking for feedback in Key Skills for Psychology tomorrow (12-2pm lecture) with forms asking the following:

  • What are two things that you like/enjoy about the psychology course and your studies here?
  • What are two things about the psychology course and your studied here that you feel could be improved?

If you are not able to attend the lecture, it is possible to contact your reps by visiting the VLE and selecting the 'Contact My Rep' tab at the bottom of the screen. We are more than happy to receive e-mails with your feedback (any feedback sent that way will be treated with the uttermost confidence)

We desperately need this feedback so we can represent YOU at an upcoming Course Management Committee which we are obliged to share the student body viewpoint with. It is YOU who can make the changes.

Good luck with submitting your first essay on Wednesday!

On behalf of the BSc Psychology Pathways 1st Year Reps,
Alex Rider


Alexander Rider
9:49pm on 5 Nov 13 Hey folks, Forms were delivered today during Key Skills - if you were not present, but still want to provide feedback, please e-mail the Course Reps on the MyCourse page and we'll be sure to pass on our feedback!
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