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Semester 2 TimeTable

Gerdainne Hoquee (Biomedical Science Course Rep!!!)

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Hello everyone, next week I'm gona try and get as much people to sign a petition, because as you may have noticed already next years semester will see us have monday lectures from 9am-7pm with no breaks and that is not fair at all so please try and spread the word to everyone u know on the course, make sure you all get your names signed so I can take it to Nicky Milner our Course leader, i will try and make my self available as much as possible so no one can't say they never saw me. May not get the timetable changed but there is no harm in giving it a go, If they see everyone disputing then they may take or concern seriously. Thank you


Prajawal Limbu
11:53am on 18 Dec 13 Angela Bright I'm assuming you are from year 3? If so than the complain is regarding the timetable for year 1 second semester by yr1 students! Therefore your timing and theirs will be
Angela Bright
6:54am on 17 Dec 13 Monday is only 2 modules for the first few weeks and it's every other week as well. And then on Friday aft we have another class. I don't see a prob with this. It's very similar to first semester time tabling Ang
Angela Bright
6:48am on 17 Dec 13 Hello just to point out that the timetable is 10-1 for first module then the next module starts at 2 to 5. So there is an hr break. Ang
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