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Your new Course Rep!

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Hi there fellow MA/MFA Fine Artists, and Printmakers,

I have been elected as your Course Rep. It's my job to represent you in discussions about how the University operates, and to help you communicate any concerns you might have about elements of your course. 
I will represent your views at regular meetings, by taking feedback from you. I'll be asking you things like:
  • How well are you supported and what guidance have you received about managing your practice as an artist?
  • How have you found moving into university life at Anglia Ruskin?
  • Do the teaching spaces and studios support your creative process and learning?
  • Does your course have good/suitable resources and facilities?
  • Is your course delivered, communicated and organised well?
  • Do employment and employability feature in your course?
Or any other points you feel are important to express about studying for an MA or MFA in Fine Art or Printmaking (whether part time or full time).
A Course Rep is a useful resource for all students because it means you have a representative and someone to turn to with your views, needs and questions about your studies and life at university. Your opinions, thoughts and concerns matter. It is my job to get them heard and make a difference. 
If you have any grievances, concerns, needs or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. I am always available to listen and help -- wherever I can. 
You can email me on, or find me in my studio (RUS 103).
I look forward to meeting with you to discuss things further. This will not impose upon your time, but provide an outlet should you ever need time or conversation for matters that matter in our course.


Lorna Collins


Tel. 07890 059398


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